The energy transition in your hands

Clima Now   •   09.04.2024

With the Solarvignette, you finance a piece of a new solar installation in Switzerland. This piece of solar installation produces as much solar energy as your device consumes in a year. Each purchased Solarvignette makes the solar installation gradually larger

With the Solarvignette, you finance a portion of a new solar installation in Switzerland, which we build once a year. This solar installation generates the solar power for all sold stickers and feeds it into the Swiss power grid. There are Solar Stickers available for the following devices:

  • Mobile phone (10 Swiss francs)
  • Computer (35 Swiss francs)
  • E-bike (50 Swiss francs)
  • Refrigerator (75 Swiss francs)
  • Electric car (250 Swiss francs)

The size of the installation we build depends on how many stickers are purchased. Additionally, there’s an option to donate entire panels for the Solarvignette solar installations.

In 2021, we co-financed an installation at Hotel Rothorn in Sigriswil. In the summer of 2022, we built a solar installation at Kita Fantasia in Bern, and in October 2023, we were able to commission our solar installation at Kita im Tscharnergut in Bern. We build these solar installations in collaboration with our project partner, Solarify.

The proceeds from the electricity generated by the built solar installations are entirely reinvested in the charitable projects of Solafrica, the NGO behind the Solarvignette. Solafrica’s projects aim to provide access to renewable energy for everyone. Therefore, by purchasing a Solarvignette, you’re not only promoting solar power in Switzerland but also supporting the global energy transition.

The Solafrica team works tirelessly every day with great dedication for a sustainable future for all. Solafrica is organized as a non-profit association, certified by ZEWO, a member of the Climate Alliance, and aligns its projects with the United Nations‘ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Additionally, we were honored to receive the Swiss Solar Prize 2021 and the European Solar Prize 2021/2022.