Clima Now   •   16.04.2024

1/3 of food goes to waste, accounting for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. GoNiña helps restaurants, bakeries & supermarkets reduce this with AI-powered demand forecasts and a platform that turns surplus food into sales. Aleksandar, Ferdinand and Matthieu conducted >150 vendor and consumer interviews to address existing pain points and provide a holistic solution for fighting food waste that works for vendors of any size.

The problem

First, it significantly burdens our environment with emissions five times higher than the aviation sector. Second, it means not just lost revenue for providers, but also additional disposal costs—a further challenge, especially when they must calculate their margins tightly. Third, while one-third of food is wasted, around 800 million people worldwide suffer from hunger, a condition that could be alleviated with better planning.

The solution

We surveyed over 150 restaurants, bakeries, takeaways, cafes, supermarkets, and consumers to understand why food waste is still so prevalent and how we can combat it more effectively. It became apparent that a holistic solution to food waste, one that works for businesses of all sizes, is currently missing. GoNiña fills this gap by offering both AI-driven demand forecasts to minimize food waste at the source and a platform where surplus food can be offered to consumers.

The team

GoNiña was founded by a trio of passionate entrepreneurs driven to have an impact. Aleksandar has a background in mobile software engineering and previously built an IT agency. Ferdinand leads all AI, backend and infrastructure work and he previously co-founded the edtech unicorn GoStudent. Matthieu leads all commercial activities and previously worked as the Chief of Staff at Smallpdf.