Future Food Solutions

Clima Now   •   16.04.2024

Future Food Solutions stands for data-driven sourcing & procurement of plant-based raw materials. Our digital marketplace leverages the comprehensive product database to effortlessly find the perfect ingredients. The FFS vision is to forge direct connections between the food processing industry and sustainable raw materials manufacturers. We orchestrate the perfect match, granting our customers full control over the deal negotiations. This approach eliminates the need for expensive intermediaries, guaranteeing full supply chain transparency.

Presently, we’re in the process of developing the MVP, scheduled for a summer 2024 launch. Additionally, we are proactively reaching out to strategic partners in the plant-based food market, as well as to potential investors, to support our ambitious product development and business growth objectives.

The background story

The idea behind Future Food Solutions originated during our co-founder Nathalie’s former role as a trader for alternative proteins. She witnessed the significant need for digitization throughout the plant-based food ingredients supply chain. In her daily work, she has experienced the current manual and complex processes as slow and resource-intensive. The reliance on intermediaries additionally incurs substantial costs and exclusivity terms. To make her former job obsolete, Nathalie has teamed up with Sandro, a data science expert, to found Future Food Solutions.

What is FFS

The FFS marketplace is a comprehensive data-driven sourcing and procurement solution to identify and order the best plant-based ingredients with ease. FFS establishes a self-sufficient ecosystem within the raw materials market by seamlessly incorporating partner services, including immediate logistics offerings, real-time trade compliance information, and automated customs document generation. With FFS we aim to streamline the plant-based raw materials market, liberating innovative and sustainable businesses from intermediary dependencies.

What has happened since ClimaNow 2023

The ClimaNow application in fall 2023 marked our first public introduction of the FFS project, providing a valuable platform for presenting our vision to the community. This experience opened doors to like-minded startup founders and sustainability experts. Since the competition, we’ve actively developed the project, refining our concept through industry interactions, market analysis, and detailed financial planning. Simultaneously, we’ve sharpened the FFS platform concept into a precise product development strategy. Currently, we are working on the MVP implementation, set to launch in summer 2024.

The next steps

As we accelerate platform development, we’re actively engaging potential customers for a swift marketplace launch. Simultaneously, we’re forging successful partnerships with key players in the plant-based food market to establish the pillars of the FFS ecosystem. Our approach involves the continuous integration of complementary services from our partners, enhancing the FFS marketplace’s comprehensive offering. To sustain our development roadmap pace, we’ll soon explore initial funding opportunities and initiate discussions with potential investors.

Visit our webpage for more information on Future Food Solutions, and follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates on our journey.