Clima Now   •   09.04.2024

The „Zukunftslabor“ promotes participation and creativity through the integration of design, research, and art. With the aim of assisting companies, organizations, and individuals in developing innovative solutions, it utilizes strategic design and design-thinking methods. Situated in the old textile factory, surrounded by culture, education, and history, it brings the experience of inventing and experimenting to the Klosterhalbinsel. It provides spaces, infrastructure, coaching, and enables the creation and testing of prototypes for sustainable development. It emphasizes the importance of critical thinking, communication, cooperation, creativity, and innovation, aiming to make innovation accessible to all. By offering guided processes and methods for social and entrepreneurial innovation, it seeks to contribute to addressing the urgent challenges of our time.

For further information and details, please visit: www.zukunftlabor.ch


Innovation is survival in a rapidly changing world.

Without innovation, we cannot thrive in our future. We must cultivate ourselves and our society to be more creative, innovative, participatory, critical, engaged, and courageous. This applies to all aspects of our existence: education, economy, politics, civil society. „Making innovation“ must, in our view, be easily accessible and inclusive for all. Children, students, teachers, trainers, families, communities, interest groups, political parties, associations, businesses, municipalities, cantons, the federal government—simply put, everyone seeking a central place where they can receive professional support and guidance for their essential work on the future.


The „Zukunftslabor“ offers various laboratories focused on innovation, education, diversity, culture, sustainability, and the integration of retirees. Each lab targets specific audiences and themes, such as supporting SMEs in innovation processes, promoting future skills among children and youth, developing inclusive solutions for people with disabilities, reinventing cultural practices, motivating and educating about sustainability in line with the SDGs, and engaging retired experts. These initiatives aim to enhance personal and institutional capabilities and prepare society for future challenges.

  • The Innovation Lab for SMEs
  • The Culture and Arts Lab
  • MACHT:T. The Children and Youth Lab
  • JETZT! The Sustainability and Policy Lab
  • USIV. The Diversity and Inclusion Lab
  • EX. The Ex-Experts Lab


The „Zukunftslabor“ is led by experts from various fields such as arts & culture, science & research, as well as design & strategy.

Key individuals include Simona Hofmann, who integrates art and design thinking, Dr. Friederike Vinzenz, a social scientist specializing in sustainability communication, and Urs Dätwiler, who focuses on design and innovation. These individuals bring their interdisciplinary expertise to develop innovative solutions for social challenges and promote a culture of innovation