Clima Now Spotlight Horizon Program – Participation Modules

From January to 2 September 2023, we support the Spotlight winners and other participants in our Horizon Program in the realisation of their projects. The first five modules are knowledge inputs from experts. Some of them are publicly available. Be part of it!

Clima Now   •   26.01.2023


8 February 2023 – 15:00: Circular Design & Impact Measurement (in English) with: Simon Widmer, Circular Design expert & Emily Elsner, ETH SusTec

12 April 2023 – 15:00: Financing & Self-Employment (in English) with: Philipp Kotsopoulos, Z Kubator & Sandro Alvarez, Wemakeit & Jacqueline Uhlmann: Head of Communications Löwenbräukunst

7 June 2023 – 15:00: Team Management (in English) with: Selina Hotz and Lukas Hotz, Founders of ventu and Purpose Schweiz.

Closing event & exhibition of the projects is on 2 September 2023 at Löwenbräukunst


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